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20-20 Vision

I’ve recently had the unpleasant task of exploring 160+ applications for a receptionist position for our organization.  Don’t get me wrong; I absolutely treasure the time getting to know the applicants….it is the process, the search, and the feeling of total “overwhelmingness”  (I know, I know, but it’s my blog, I can create my own words, right?!) that brought about the negative attitude.

The trek that I was taking suddenly became an eye opening experience.  First and foremost, my heart goes out to those that are still unemployed, searching, hoping, and waiting for an opportunity.  However, it was somewhat disappointing to see improper grammar, spelling errors, lack of organizational skills, and other “first-impression” mistakes on a resume or letter of introduction.

The feelings of disappointment soon transformed themselves into the realization of what my customers must go through in their search for a contractor.  Google searches, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, and word of mouth referrals simply provide an avenue for the homeowner to engage the contractor.  What happens next is the amazing part.

Some customers claim to make a decision based on investment dollars, some on the the initial appearance of the estimator, maybe others decide because of a referral, but I can assure you that none of these decisions are made by logic alone.  All decisions are still driven by emotion. 

Whether it be a maintence free life style, the “new” color on the block, the theater room that will be a hit with the golf buddies, or the fact that you can now spend more time with the grandchildren; emotion is the motivator behind the decision.

Hiring new team members is never an easy process, but this time, it helped me see through the eyes of my customers, and I can assure you that the Larson Family of Companies doesn’t take that process for granted.  We’ve been here since 1967, we know you, and we understand……let central Minnesota’s premier contractor assist you with all of your construction/home improvement needs.

Responsibility Matters

Being an “early riser” to the day’s activities, I am noticing that the sunrise is taking place much later now than it did simply a couple of weeks ago.  In fact, in Hutchinson, MN, we will sacrifice 26 minutes of daylight between now and the the end of the month of July.  Those 26 minutes are a foreboding sign of what is to come.  The days will get shorter, the night’s cooler, the leaves will change and begin to fall.

Yes, that beautiful time of the year, with bright seasonal colors will soon remind us of the ongoing battle we face with keeping our gutter system clean.  The dangerous climb to the roof line to remove the accumulation of muck, leaves, shingle grit, and seemingly endless amounts of debris that must fall from the stars when we are not looking, is a job that most homeowners avoid, and/or reluctantly consent to do. 

I recently installed Gutterglove Gutter Guard on my house.  (We removed the 10 year old screen system that really was an ineffective tool to Minnesota’s weather changes.)  The impact of the installation was immediate.  Nothing….absolutely nothing (except for the rain) gets through the stainless steel mesh filtration system.

This product truly is revolutionary.  The annodized aluminum frame along with the surgical grade stainless steel mesh create a strong, secure barrier to prevent any unwanted debris, other than the rain, of course, from entering the gutter system.  The engineering behind the product is a strong examply why Consumer Reports gave the Gutterglove system a “recommended buy” classification.

At the Larson Family of Companies we are proud of all of our products and the affect that they have on the lives of our customers.  You can be assured that we don’t take that responsibility lightly!

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