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Guaranteed to Fail.

Would you invest $10,000 today with a 10-12 year guarantee that the return on investment would be ZERO?  Of course you wouldn’t, but yet homeowners by the hundreds of thousands annually line up to invest $10,000 for a new asphalt roof system.  The nasty little industry secret is that initial investment may only be the front money that feeds a much greater problem.  With a roof life cycle of 10-12 years (or less), and inflationary increases, that same roof when re-done after its life cycle is complete, will then cost just under $13,000….that’s $23,000 for a roof system that is guaranteed to fail again, and again.

Homeowners are tranquilized into believing that if a 30 or 40 year shingle is installed on their home, then that roof will last the advertised number of years.  However, today’s shingles are completely different than an asphalt shingle of 20 years ago.  With the high cost of petroleum based products, a shingle today, is only comprised of 10-25% asphalt by weight.  Even though less asphalt means a weaker performing shingle, (poor seal down rate) the manufacturer has made a business decision to save production costs and then substitutes a limestone “filler” into the product instead.  The result is a curled, cracked product that has extremely limited life, and is the only product on your house that is guaranteed to fail.

If my “guaranteed to fail” theory sounds too good to be true, I challenge you to make your own observations.  Take a drive around your neighborhood, or through your local community and pay special attention to the roofs of your neighbors and friends.  You will see exactly what I am talking about; curled, and cracked shingles will stand out like a sore thumb.  And, what you will be even more amazed at, is if possible, have a conversation with the homeowner, and find out how old the roof is.

Become an educated consumer.  Don’t invest in a “Madoff-like” roofing scheme that is guaranteed to fail time and time again.  Ask for and demand a permanent roofing solution.



It’s all in the numbers.

I made my annual trek to St. Paul two weeks ago for the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament.  It is a journey that I enjoy….a time to relax, reflect, and recharge.  This year’s tournament was exceptional.  It was truly an “experience” that will last a life time.

According to the Minnesota State High School League, 19,893 people attended Friday night’s semi final session.  My son, Michael and I were a minuscule part of the largest crowd ever to attend a hockey game, at ANY level in the state of Minnesota.  The total attendance for the tournament was 123,575 people!  A substantial number by any means.

Numbers are also a critical key in the construction industry.  Homeowners are intrigued by square footage numbers, insulating value numbers, cost numbers, and time to construct numbers.  All of those numbers are an important aspect, however, as with many things in life, unforeseen numbers can also play an important role in a construction/remodeling project.

One inch of rain will deposit 623 gallons of water on a roof of only 1,000 square feet.  (Keep in mind that 1,000 square feet is a very small roof!)

The average cost to the homeowner that is related to water damage.  I admit, this number may be a little confusing, as it factors in many scenarios; no insurance coverage for some, and high deductibles for others.  The point is that water damage is an expensive claim.

The average cost of a seamless gutter project installed by ABC Seamless of Hutchinson in 2011.

It doesn’t take long to see the important numbers in the above comparison.  With water volume alone on a small roof of over 600 gallons, and an exposure of almost four thousand dollars, the investment of a little over a thousand dollars in new seamless gutters will pay significant dividends to you as a homeowner.  Don’t gamble with your single greatest investment….be prepared, install ABC Seamless Gutters and downspouts today!


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