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Everybody needs a good road map.

A certain delivery company talks about how they love logistics.  In fact, they go to the extreme end of things to make sure their customers appreciate all of the details that their services provide.  A kitchen remodel can become a logistical nightmare.  Planning, shopping, dreaming, and, of course, coordinating, can challenge even the greatest organizational masterminds.

We too, tend to love logistics.  We encourage our potential customers to dream when it comes to their kitchen.  If you recall, our organization is working with Brooke and Andy Thrall with a kitchen make over project.  What you see in the picture to the left is Brooke’s homework assignment.  (We asked her dream a little about what she would like to see changed in her kitchen.)  The sketch that she completed becomes the backbone of our plan for her.  Brooke is extremely limited with her kitchen design as she has structural issues to keep in mind through the remodeling process.  She, however, did an outstanding job of relaying her plans/desires through a very simple sketch.

After our design team spent a little time with Brooke and her plan, we were able to convert those wishes into a workable concept that encompasses most of what Brooke wanted.  We plan on utilizing some new cabinetry, and to help stretch the remodel dollars, we will also incorporate some refacing.  I am confident that Brooke will absolutely fall in love with the pantry unit that we have inserted into the plan.  Her original kitchen was terribly short on storage.  The pantry, with the use of some pull out shelves, will virtually eliminate her storage issues.

Brooke is now in the final stages of her responsibilities.  (A laminate counter-top decision must be made as well as a wood species and hardware.)  Once those issues are resolved, then it is time for our production and installation teams to step into the mix of things, and turn all of the planning and dreaming into reality.


Project an image

Replacement windows not only improve the comfort level of your home, but the windows that you select can also make a big difference in what kind of return you can expect on your initial investment.  Every home is unique, and each setting deserves individual attention as to what type of window should be installed into that opening.  There is no “one size fits all” answer in the replacement window industry….at least not from a professional remodeler. 

When an ordinary window doesn’t do justice to your setting, consider a bay or bow window.  By turning your living room into the focal point of your home, you will be rewarded with the undeniable beauty that is provided with the sweeping panoramic view that a bay or bow provides. 

In a very simple definition, a bay or bow is a combination of windows that project outward from the home.  A bow window sweeps away from the wall in a gentle arching fashion and contains groupings of four, five, or six windows.  A bay window contrasts the look of bow with distinctive angles, and is typically installed in openings that are not as wide as those that are built for a bow.

Installation of a projection window requires the expert, technical skill of a master craftsman.  With a projection window an entirely new cluster of concerns must be addressed at the time of installation.  Water intrusion, thermal transference, and structural support are a few of issues that must be properly dealt with.  A window installation technician at Richard Larson Builders understands the effects that time, gravity, and mother nature throw at a bay or bow window and their careful attention to detail allows for years of worry free enjoyment.

With the experience that 45 years in business provides, it is easy to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without paying to heat and cool it.  Leave the scenery in the background, and turn an average window into a dazzling focal point of your house with a new bay or bow unit.


A real metamorphosis!

Met-a-mor-pho-sis [met-uhmawrfuh-sis] N  A profound change from one stage to the next, or a complete change of form, structure, or substance.

The definition of the word metamorphosis reminds me so much of childhood science classes and the experiment involving a caterpillar, and the Monarch Butterfly.  The planning, the preparation, anticipation, and finally the emergence of the beautiful butterfly has provided numerous memories for all involved.

Andy_Brooke Before

We are about to embark on a very memorable metamorphosis with a local couple and their “ugly kitchen.”  Andy and Brooke were the winners of our Ugly Kitchen contest that we recently sponsored. Their small, severely cramped kitchen is lacking functional, usable storage.  (Note the cramped counter-top to the right of Brooke in the picture.  That’s right, you are not seeing things; the upper cabinet comes within 6″ of the top of the lower base unit!!)  The fibercore doors are antiquated, and are in dire need of replacement.  The overall layout of the existing kitchen is adequate for two busy professionals like Andy and Brooke, but lacks practicality as a true home resource.

As is the case with the science experiment, the first essential aspect of this project is the planning stage.  Brooke has completed her homework assignments, and has created a wish list, including simple sketches of ideas that she and Andy have considered.  Our design team will then attempt to coordinate those dreams into a structurally acceptable, functionally appropriate kitchen with as many options as a small kitchen can accommodate.

Dated and cramped kitchen before makeoverFollow us on our journey of the transformation of this “ugly kitchen” into a beautiful centerpiece that Brooke and Andy can be very proud of!



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