Add New Life to Your Kitchen

Pro’s & Cons of Cabinet Refacing

outdated kitchen cabinetsThe holiday season is often centered on family, friends and FOOD. Increased family hours typically coincide with more hours logged in the kitchen. While visiting the homes of our friends and relatives, we often are left admiring certain aesthetics and features of our host’s kitchens. Do you find yourself asking, what can we do to get a kitchen like that?

If a full kitchen remodel isn’t in your budget right now, we have another solution for you [Read more…]

Reason of the Season

Why you should consider an off season home improvement project

Plastic window profile with a cap of Santa Claus on a white backgroundMany may think plunging temps and flying snowflakes means they have to halt on their home improvement projects, but what many don’t know is this is a perfect time of year to tackle projects and save some serious dollars.

Here are 5 key reasons why you might want to consider an off season home improvement project: [Read more…]

Replacement Doors: Big Advantages and High Value

ProVia entry door

Your entry door is the gateway to your home. Whether you want to update for style or make sure your home is ready for colder weather ahead, now is a great time to replace your entry door. Investing in a sturdy entry door will increase your home’s value and give you a cozy place to relax all winter.

According to REMODELING Magazine’s 2015 Cost-to-Value Report, replacing your home’s entry door with a steel entry door has a whopping 101.8% Cost-to-Value ratio, and replacing your door with a fiberglass door equals a 72% Cost-to-Value ratio. In fact, replacing your entry door with a new steel door was #1 on this year’s list of remodeling projects that bring the highest value. [Read more…]

On Trend Right Now: Manufactured Stone Exteriors

manufactured stone veneer and seamless siding

Manufactured stone veneer paired with ABC seamless siding

Thinking of updating your home’s exterior? Consider adding a stone veneer along with your new seamless siding, and watch your return on investment soar.

manufactured stone veneer and replacement windows

Close-up of manufactured stone veneer

According to REMODELING Magazine’s 2015 Cost-to-Value Report, adding a manufactured stone veneer to your home’s exterior has a 92.2% Cost-to-Value ratio.  It was actually #2 on this year’s list of remodeling projects that bring the highest value.  In case you are curious, #1 was the replacement of your entry door with a new steel door, which has a 101.8% Cost-to-Value ratio.  (You might want to consider a new door too!)

Did you know, that Richard Larson Builders offers a stone veneer product that when paired with our ABC Seamless Siding, brings a classic and modern look to your home?

If you are considering updates to your home, choose your updates wisely and make sure you are adding value.  As your local and trusted home improvement confidant, we are here to help make sure you see a positive return on your investment.

The Off Season Secret

WinterHouseSceneIt is the time of the year that I once again make that child-like journey to the old Christmas time favorites on the television.  One enduring favorite is Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer where we are annually reintroduced to Yukon Cornelius and the Abominable Snowmonster of the North, affectionately referred to as Bumble.  As a child, the terror of this yeti like creature with its long fangs and a hairless blue face, and hands filled a few moments of the family show with fear and extreme apprehension while we wondered what was next.

That same feeling of alarm and distrust are equally prevalent when your contractor suggests the unthinkable……replace your windows in the middle of a Minnesota winter.  The thought of removing the barrier that is protecting your home and family from the sometimes frigid weather might even make old Bumble himself a little nervous.  However, there is really nothing to be afraid of, and, in fact, the winter months can create a wonderful opportunity for homeowners. [Read more…]

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