Gutter Guard Protection

Tired of dealing with debris clogged gutters? Do your current gutter guards let you down with their continual upkeep and the amount of material they let in? Looking for a gutter guard that offers better protection and strength? Look to Gutterglove for its optimum strength and performance!!

The STRONGEST and most RUGGED gutter guard in the world!

  • It weighs 4 pounds for each 5 foot section, but won’t crush under heavy snow & ice!
  • Heavy downpour rains flow through the mesh and into your gutter!
  • An affordable gutter guard at a reasonable price!
  • 50 times more efficient than our competition!
  • No Gutter or downspout Clogs… EVER!
  • Can prolong the normal life of your gutter system!

    Gutterglove of Minnesota



Durability, longevity and efficiency were the three biggest concerns for the designers of Gutterglove. We have been in the gutter industry since 1986 and have never seen a gutter guard with all three qualities. Yet that is what our customers were requesting.

Gutterglove is durable, efficient and will last a very long time. Even if part of the mesh were to have a problem, it was designed in such a way that with minimal effort, the mesh can be taken out of the aluminum channel and replaced with another piece of mesh. No other gutter guard can do this as efficiently as Gutterglove.

Revolutionary Design

Gutterglove fits on virtually any existing gutter. No special brackets are necessary! Gutterglove’s specifications were designed so that it simply slips under the roof shingles and fits snuggly to the front lip of your gutter. Three stainless steel screws are used to secure each 5 foot section to the front lip of your gutter. Gutterglove is the ONLY gutter guard company in the world that uses 100% stainless steel screws. Other screws may rust over time. Gutterglove can handle up to 200 inches of hourly rainfall.

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