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For years, consumers have been mainly limited to asphalt shingles as the standard roof covering for residential homes. With the increase cost of petroleum based products, the manufacturer’s of asphalt shingles have been forced to reduce the amount of asphalt in their product, and increase the volume of filler in the shingle. (In 1996, a typical asphalt shingle was 70% asphalt, and 30% filler. Today, those numbers are transposed with 70% filler, and only 30% asphalt.) The increased amount of filler in the product has resulted in more problems for homeowners. An asphalt roof today may only last 8 years, forcing the homeowner into major maintenance much sooner than they had budgeted for.

Many homeowners today have given up on the temporary solutions offered by asphalt, and are now looking at more permanent solutions. A stone coated steel roof system from Gerard may be the answer. This system utilizes stone coated steel shingles that consist of a heavy-duty Galvalume steel base, stone coating, and an acrylic overglaze with corrosion inhibitors that form a tough permanent seal. And better yet….it comes with a Lifetime Warranty, making the last roof you will ever buy! Talk about making your home maintenance free AND increasing the value!

Why Choose A Stone Coated Steel Roof?

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  • Energy efficient
  • Non-combustible steel
  • Warranted against 2.5″ hail stones
  • Guaranteed not to crack, curl or rot
  • Warranted against winds of up to 120 mph
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • A Gerard Stone Coated Steel roof is not just beautiful, it’s permanent!
  • View more frequently asked questions about metal roofing systems here.

So do your research, we promise, this will be the last roof you will ever buy!

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We also offer additional roofing services such as snow and ice dam removal during the winter season, as well as asphalt shingle repair.

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