Frequently Asked Questions about Stone Coated Steel Roofing

What materials are used in making Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofing Systems?

Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof Systems use steel panels that are protected from the elements by corrosion resistant Galvalume. The Gerard basecoat uses proprietary resins, which have been developed over many years to promote lifetime performance in all climates. The stone chips that Gerard uses in its Stone Coating are non-oiled natural granite granules that improve adherence to the basecoat while enhancing the appearance of Gerard panels

Is a Gerard Roof Heavy?

At only 1.4 lbs. per square foot, a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof is truly “lightweight”. It weighs only 70 pounds per 100 square feet, which is about 1/5 the weight of conventional asphalt shingles.

Can a Gerard roof be walked on?

Walking on any roofing material is not recommended unless necessary. Walking on wood or asphalt roofs loosens and cracks the shingles while damaging the felts. Walking on a concrete roof loosens the fasteners and stresses the hairline shrinkage cracks inherent in the product. A steel roof is probably one of the most forgiving roofs to walk on, as they are designed to flex and as long as people walk over the supports, virtually zero damage will occur.

Is a metal roof noisy when it rains?

Absolutely not! Residential steel roofing is available in many shapes and forms. The forming process provides not only strength, but when coupled with high quality finishes, it absorbs and deadens noise. The dead air space between Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof Panels and the roof decking combined with the stone coating dampens exterior noise even in a rainstorm.

Should I worry about lightning?

Steel roofing does not increase the risk of a lightning strike in any way. In assessing the risk with any structure, it is the “probability” of a strike which is based in location (ie proximity with other structure, high ground etc.) that is the governing factor.

Will hail damage a Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof?

A Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof carries the industry leading Class 4 Hail-resistant Rating. In fact, the Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofing System has a lifetime 2.5” Hailstone Warranty

Will a Gerard Roof make my home hotter in the summer?

No. Many Gerard Roof owners have experienced utility savings after installation. A properly vented Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roof System moves air between the steel panel and the underlying deck. Heated air dissipates through the ridgeline while cooler air is drawn through eave vents.

How does a Gerard Roof stand up to high winds?

Extremely well! Gerard warrants our Stone Coated Roofing Systems to withstand 120 mph winds. Note that Gerard Stone Coated Steel Roofs have been control tested and withstood winds exceeding 170 mph

What about fire?

Answer: A steel roof is non-combustible. Steel does not burn and offers various options in its installation to upgrade the fire resistance of the home’s structure. Most roofing materials have fire resistant strengths on one side only. Other heavier roof systems provide little or moderate resistance during internal fires and can cause premature roof structure collapse. Remember an internal fire is at the underside of the roof structure; metal will provide the greatest degree of maintaining structural integrity and assist in containing the fire

Can I install a metal roof over my existing roof?

Yes, in some cases. Because of the light weight characteristics of a Gerard Stone Coated Roof system, the product may be installed over an existing layer of asphalt shingles, therefore you won’t have to tear off the old roof, thus saving you money on labor and disposal.

Are Homeowner Insurance discounts available if I install a Gerard Roof?

Yes. Many Homeowner Insurance Providers now offer up to 35% discounts on insurance premiums. Check with your insurance provider.


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